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A suite of powerful business transformation services coming your way from Ricoh in 2017


Move printing to other media
By analysing a Customer’s printing, evaluate and diagnose alternatives that we can offer in order to minimise their paper-based printing.
Own Learning, Own Your Destiny
Co-create with us your long term future through a learning strategy that beats as one with your business strategy
Faster Teams For More Agile Business
Fostering the culture, mindset, skills in people to continuously improve your organisation from the inside out. To transition it to the shape and capability it needs for the future landscape.
Your World of Work Reimagined
To provide you with the tools to gain insight into the strength and weakness of key strategic business functions; People, Process, Technology & Property.


Webinar; What Donald Rumsfeld has taught us about the workplace
Time and Date TBC | | Register Interest
Question what you think you know, discover key insights on topics including:
  • Why, on average, less than 50%* of meeting room space is unoccupied and how to overcome this.
  • How to accommodate the needs of four generations in the workplace.
  • How your workplace can help to attract and retain the very best talent.
The Workplace Transformation team would love to share more, register your interest now!
Webinar; “We’ve always done it this way”
Time and Date TBC | | Register Interest
How often do you hear those words when you ask questions about specific activities within your business? In order to continuously improve there is a need to challenge the status quo! Process SMART uses a defined and tested methodology to deeply understand how to make your processes more efficient.   Register your interest above and we will invite you to a 30 minute webinar in the near future.
Webinar; Is your learning culture out of shape or fighting fit?
26th May 2017 | 11am | Register Interest
Creating your learning tribe is fundamental to business success, once you gain the first follower there is no looking back! There is more intellectual property within your people, don’t rely on multiple consultants, find the right one to build your future and breed self-sustainability
  • Importance of employee ownership
  • Make your people your thriving learning community
  • Business Benefits
Show your interest now for a taster session webinar.


Crime Prevention Website
Has been designed to deter crime and get suspect identified, by displaying footage of suspects on for the public to view and report
Hello you...let TripLinks introduce you to the World!
TripLinks is a social meetup app for solo business travellers. Be more social and turn work trips into mini-adventures with TripLinks.
Hire the best talent - we’ll send them your way!
A social recruitment engagement platform enables brands to better connect with graduates and digital creative talent through the use of Video CV and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Organise yourself with instant social scheduling.
Ticked It takes the pain out of organising your social life by instantly sharing your availability with your friends, family or work colleagues and suggesting times to meet up
Improve the health of your organisation.
Check the health of the relationships across your value chain, and see the results. Then make the right decisions to make your organisation more effective.


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